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Animal Communicator
Helping Strengthen the bond between people and animals.

Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking?  What are they feeling emotionally or physically? What happened in their past? If they could talk, what would they say?

About Animal Communication

Animal Communication is the exchange of non-verbal messages with an animal through thoughts

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Featured Pet

This is Boe. Sue won last months FREE 1/2 hour communication. He is such a character!

Bark Busters

Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer for Torrance & South Bay.

Flower Essence helps support Animals emotions.

Tranquil Pet

Jean Brusavich - Swim Therapy, Animal Massage, & Rieki.


Beginning Animal Communication Classes
with Nancy K. Gardner                               

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Everyone has the ability to talk intuitively with animals….
Prove this to yourself in this class!
You will learn how to hear what animals have to say!  Doing verifiable exercises & working with animals you don’t know will give you proof that you are actually talking with them. Intuitive communication is real and you can do it!


Dog Day Afternoon

July 16th  Sunday  11am - 2pm


Nancy K. Gardner - Pet Communicating


In person group practice session with Nancy K Gardner.

(Prerequisite: Beginning Animal Communication)

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