Nancy K. Gardner - Pet Communicating

Animal Communication is the exchange of non-verbal messages with an animal through thoughts. It is often described as a form of intuition.  Animals communicate intuitively with each other and us all of the time. 

Nancy has re-learned this language and can “hear” the messages they are sending. She has been communicating with animals for over 25 years and has helped many people and their animals with a variety of problems.  When communicating with an animal, Nancy receives messages through a combination of emotions, feelings, physical sensations and images - like a movie. It is not necessary to be in the same room or looking at the animal to communicate with them.  By just a picture or description of the animal, who they belong to and a geographic location, Nancy can connect with any animal. Most communications are done long distance. She begins by picturing your animal in her minds eye. Then she introduces herself to them and starts receiving information.  Every animal is an individual with their own personality, just like people.

This ability is not a gift of a chosen few. We are all born with the capability to communicate non-verbally, but as we learn to interact through speech and writing and are told to ignore this intuition, we loose this skill.The reason I teach classes is to help people re-learn this language & have a closer bond with their pet.

About Animal Communication:

How do you receive information?Messages come to me in several different ways. Sometimes it is like a movie of an event through pictures. I often receive different types of input simultaneously. For example, I once spoke to a cat that was not using his litter box.  He did not like his brand of litter. He showed me a picture of his box with a strong perfume smell and a feeling of dislike for it (a picture, smell and emotion all at once).Do you need to be with me to talk with my animal?No, non-verbal communication is an energetic connection. Distance does not matter. As long as I can picture your animal with a photo and/or a description, physical distance is not a factor.  In fact, most animal communicators do consultations over the phone. Can you talk with animals that have passed away?Yes, because this type of communication is done with out having to be with the animal, it would be the same for talking with one that has passed away. I picture what the animal looked like in this life and tune in to that animal’s energy.  I can get specific pictures of the memories they had in this life, how they felt about leaving, and messages they might have for their humans. How can animal communication help me?Animal Communication can be helpful for many common pet problems. There are some cases when just explaining things to the animal and asking for change is enough, but animals have free will and can need additional help. (Always check with your vet if you think there is something physically wrong)Behavior Problems - uncontrolled barking, fear aggression, separation anxiety, litter box issues.
Quality of Life - what are your animal wants and needs? Are they in pain?  Are they happy?
Lost Animals – images from an animal of how they escaped, which way they went, and what their surroundings look like can be helpful in locating them.
Illness and Death – how is your animal is feeling? Get help preparing for the loss of an animal friend?
Other Reasons - Find out about an adopted animal's past. Notify your animal of any changes; moving, adopting another animal.